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Nominated for the 2014 CILIP Carnegie Medal
Winner of the 2014 Angus Book Award

'Too good not to talk about and share' 

What happens when the teenage daughter from a family with extreme tastes in meat-eating starts dating an outspoken vegetarian? 

Sasha’s smitten by Jack, and wishes her parents would approve. For Titus and Angelica, it’s one more challenge in creating a stable home for their brood. While angelic baby Katya’s set to cut her teeth, their son struggles at school. Ivan does his best to be accepted, but that’s tough when he’s been secretly raised to become the ultimate hunter gatherer.

Welcome to the world of The Savages. A breed apart from your average household, here’s a darkly delicious treat for anyone who’s ever been embarrassed by their own flesh and blood.

Praise for The Savages:

Just occasionally I read a book so deliciously dark that it takes my breath away - and this is such a book. Whyman draws you into his macabre family drama with exquisite wit, perfectly-pitched dialogue and a thrilling confidence ... Perfect for those who have outgrown Lemony Snicket.
The Daily Mail

A dark-hearted comedy of family life.
The Guardian

A rare, delectable treat, well worth devouring. I'd happily go back for seconds.
The Scotsman

Wickedly funny.
Publishers' Weekly

Devilishly delicious

Utterly wicked and deliciously macabre.'
Marcus Sedgwick

Gruesomely rib-tickling.
Bliss Magazine

I was floored, and insanely impressed with this novel. I cannot, cannot wait to continue on with the series.
Bound by Words

This deliciously dark family story is a real treat. Creepy, funny and thought-provoking, it will delight readers with a taste for surreal horror and black comedy.

This book is an example of black humour at its best. The Adams family meets Desperate Housewives. I loved every page and will be highly recommending it in the future. 

It’s like a check list of everything I want in a book: superb writing, unique and intriguing characters, humor, atmosphere, little story elements that all come together beautifully AND the ability to completely understand and support characters that are doing something you really shouldn’t be ok with.

Awesome... an unmissable, unique family drama with great and unpredictable plot twists... an essential read for young teens and upwards!
Books & Writers Jnr

Matt Whyman has penned a brilliant, mystery thriller/ family drama/comedy horror/teen angst romance, genre spanning novel filled with twists and turns that Hitchcock would be proud of.
The Devil's Library

If you're a fan of black humour, The Savages is perfect for you. Even if you're not, I fail to see how anyone couldn't enjoy this book!
The Book Nook

A family/identity book that is a beautiful example of dark comedy.
Death, Books and Tea

Just what the Young Adult genre needed!
Me, My Shelf & I

The epitome of black humour ... this book is Hannibal Lecter meets 8 Simple Rules, via self-image, peer pressure, and most importantly how to source your own food.
Cuckoo Review

Brilliantly executed and truly unique. It’s dark humour at its best and I cannot imagine I’ll ever come across a book like it again.

An enjoyable and fun story that all readers can appreciate and find entertaining ... go and give The Savages a read!
A Daydreamer's Thoughts

Matt Whyman’s The Savages is pure class ... steeped in tension and dark humour and made all the more powerful by the difficult moral questions being posed. I can’t recommend this book enough.
David's Reading Groups

The writing is terrific. The plot is executed perfectly. The characters, even minor characters, intermingle with one another flawlessly. Overall this book was a fantastic read. And there is a sequel – American Savage – that has made my summer must read list!
The Bookie Monster

Reading The Savages might just make you hungry for a perfectly prepared steak, or it might turn you off meat altogether. Whichever side you fall on, I guarantee you’re going to have a blast. Highly recommended.
Books, Bones & Buffy 

'One of my All-time favorite books! Did I LOVE LOVE LOVE this books? YES YES YES! I could not put The Savages down and often times found myself laughing out loud (sometimes too loudly) while I was reading. Anytime a novel can bring a smile to your face on every page you know it’s a masterpiece.'

'I can’t imagine anyone reading The Savages and not becoming totally riveted by this story. It’s dark, delightful and delicious with a dash of feels.'

'Let me just lay it straight right here: You ain’t read nothin’ like this before in YA... The conclusion will have your jaw dropping to the floor faster than a cleaver slicing through a slab of venison…'

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