'Being an online babe has its hazards. A dark side, even . . .'

Meet Ren. Underachieving actor. Overactive dreamer. Waiting in the wings of love. At the centre of his stage is Roxi. The heaven-sent make-up artist on a cat food commercial from hell.

Thwarted in his attempt to win her over in the real world, and against the advice of Sweet William, his florist and dealer, Ren reinvents himself in the chat rooms of the Internet in a bid to appeal to Roxi's 'other side'.

But how far can one man go as a woman? And how much more can a guy learn about himself while masquerading as a bisexual female in this double act of deception and desperation. One that even draw's Ren's ex-girlfriend, Christine, into the fray.

Man or Mouse is a state of the art adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac - climaxing in a cross-dressing odyssey through London's lounge bars.

Praise for Man or Mouse:

Pacy, racy and cyberspacey . . . needle sharp on male identity and impotence.
The Mirror

Races through a narrative that's teeming with devices to ensure a quick and funny read. The chapters are short and pithy, there are puns in every paragraph, and the author makes mischief with computer-speak by relating it to the lexicon of love.
The Times

It's Cyrano de Bergerac for the cyber generation with more than a dash of Some Like it Hot for good measure . . . wry and pithy observations on sexual politics . .an engaging and witty look at sexual identity.
The List

Guaranteed to put you off web weirdos for good! Five out of five.

Sharp, sassy and hilarious, Man or Mouse is a comical cautionary tale for cybernauts everywhere. Just let your fingers do the stalking.

This is a fast paced, very funny book. Whyman is a fresh voice in a market currently saturated with email novels . . .an excellent debut that kept me laughing throughout.

Shakes up the classic love story for Internet junkies.

Reads like a 'how-not-to' guide to Internet relationships and author Matt Whyman's ideally positioned to know.

Matt Whyman knows a thing or two about life on the Net, and luckily for anyone planning an online romance he's not holding back about it.

  • Published in 2001 by Hodder & Stoughton

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