College student ... teenage hacker ... enemy combatant?

Under suspicion for a virtual break-in at Fort Knox, 17-year-old Carl Hobbes finds himself on a rendition flight for questioning by the US military.

Taken to an isolated camp in the Arctic wilderness, dedicated to holding terrorists-for-hire, the boy finds all assurances about his safety blow away when one notorious detainee stages an uprising.

Cut off from civilisation, and with overnight temperatures plummeting, Hobbes must decide whether his chances of survival are greater inside the cage - or out

Praise for Inside the Cage

If Robert Ludlum ever wrote a book for young adults, it would probably be a lot like Whyman's action-packed techno-thriller.

Publisher's Weekly Review

Right off the bat, I'll tell you that hand's down this is one of the best books I have read in a long time. From cover to cover, I was hooked ... Overall - fantastic, riveting, and goes up on my shelf of top of the top. One I will read again for sure and suggest for a long time to come.
The Lateiner Gang

A dark, dramatic and extremely topical thriller.

Publishing News

Readers who enjoy a good thriller will greatly enjoy this carefully crafted story. Full of surprises and unexpected twists, readers will find themselves unable to put this book down once they have started reading.

Looking Glass Review

A tense, extravagantly well-plotted, fantastical, yet utterly credible story that is full of life, pace, tension and wry uplift. A great book that deftly addresses computer geeks, all-action devotees and young people who might have views on the ethics of internment. 

Times Educational Supplement

Whyman is a great writer for teens - he treats his readers as adults, is unafraid of touching difficult subjects and gives them a hell of ride through the pages ... this is a thriller and a half.

Birmingham Post

In the same entertainment-only vein of the Alex Rider series, but with a bit more depth and maturity. Great for action fans.

Kirkus Reviews (USA)

Superb! The story is realistic and action packed. A great book!

First News

Dramatic ... fast-paced and topical.

The Bookseller

  • Published in 2007 by Simon & Schuster, in paperback and ebook format
  • Also published in the USA (as Icecore), Holland and Germany


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