teenage hacker ... whereabouts unknown ... enemy of the state 

Teen hacker Carl Hobbes is on the run - with an American bounty hunter and an al-Qaeda assassin on his tail. Wanted alive by one and dead by the other, he must use all his skills to survive.

Hiding out in a state-of-the-art warehouse storing untold treasures, Carl's only hope is to harness the powers of Cleo, the supercomputer who controls it.

But Cleo is primed to unleash aggressive countermeasures at the first sign of intrusion. With the enemy at the gates, Can Carl get her on side in time?

Praise for Goldstrike

"Whyman is a great writer for teens. A thriller and a half"
Birmingham Post

A suspense novel along the lines of Robert Ludlum, reminiscent of the latest Die Hard movie ... a welcome escape for current and future suspense fans. It will not stay on the shelf for long.

Carl Hobbes is back an an even bigger, more fast-paced adventure. Basically 24 for teens, it's another book that should find a rabid audience with the same audience who made Anthony Horowitz and James Patterson's teen spy novels massive hits.

Matt's writing is more-ish. Goldstrike is a very quick read and a satisfying one. There are guns, bad guys, good guys, computers, hacking, a pretty girl obsessed with bullion, lasers, mysterious organisations...Matt's gone and created a whole list of cool things, stuffed them into Goldstrike and ticked all the boxes ...The climax is this insane actioner that deserves to be filmed. Part Bourne/part Bond/part Die Hard 4.0
My Favourite Books

A spine tingling thriller from the chilling opening to the very last page, the twists and turns of the Goldstrike plot follow Carl Hobbes, teenager hacker extraordinaire, as he keeps one step ahead of the different but equally dangerous powers that are after him. A mesmerising, clever and page-turning read full of tension and danger in which nothing can be taken for granted.
Lovereading (Julia Eccleshare)

Well written, a solid plot and above all a tale where all hell breaks loose from the opening line.
Falcata Times

  • Published in 2009 by Simon & Schuster, available in paperback and ebook format.
  • Also published in the USA and Germany

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