Thursday, June 11, 2020

New book

Eight years ago, I wrote a memoir about life with a miniature dachshund called Walking With Sausage Dogs. This summer, I'm bookending it with a guide to becoming better humans by adopting the attitude and outlook of a breed that refuses to be downtrodden ...



Here is a celebration of a hound that faces a mirror and sees something beyond us all.

By rights, with its extra long torso and stubby little legs, the sausage dog should want to hide away from the world. Instead, this is one of the most proud, loyal, wilful, clever, stubborn and courageous breeds in existence - and an example to us all. 

So, exactly how does this seemingly disadvantaged underdog view itself so positively, and what lessons can we learn?

In this low level philosophical trot through the dachshund's world, here is your chance to be more sausage. It's about learning how to break free from restraints, overcome physical and emotional shortcomings, and chew up the social conventions that conspire to hold us back. Ultimately, it's an opportunity to unleash that inner dachshund and let your spirit rise head and shoulders above the rest. 

Be More Sausage 
is published in the UK by HarperCollins on August 20th 2020. Available in hardback and ebook.

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