Friday, June 06, 2014

The Savages USA Blog Tour

The blog tour kicks off today and runs throughout the week. You'll find the links here as they go live.

Day 1: Jean Book Nerd - interview and giveaway 
 "I had every intention of making Jack likeable, and then changed my mind from the moment he opened his mouth. So, it created an interesting character – someone who seemingly exists as a positive force in Sasha’s life, only to turn out to be a huge douche."
Day 2: The Bookie Monster
'The writing is terrific.  The plot is executed perfectly.  The characters, even minor characters, intermingle with one another flawlessly.  Overall this book was a fantastic read.  And there is a sequel – American Savage – that has made my summer must read list!'
Day 3: Books, Bones & Buffy  
'Reading The Savages might just make you hungry for a perfectly prepared steak, or it might turn you off meat altogether. Whichever side you fall on, I guarantee you’re going to have a blast. Highly recommended.'
Day 4: The Book Gazer - interview
"I’ve come to realise that I’m drawn to exploring why people do bad things for what they believe to be just reasons - from contemporary cannibalism to computer hacking. I want to understand, and even empathise, which can create an unsettling relationship between the character and the reader."
Day 5: Mother, Gamer, Writer - review and 5 Things About the Author
'One of my All-time favorite books! Did I LOVE LOVE LOVE this books? YES YES YES! I could not put The Savages down and often times found myself laughing out loud (sometimes too loudly) while I was reading. Anytime a novel can bring a smile to your face on every page you know it’s a masterpiece.'
Day 5: BookSuburbia - giveaway and  7 Favourite Books of the Year 
Includes Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick and The Arrival by Sean Tan.
Day 6: My Book Addiction 
'I can’t imagine anyone reading The Savages and not becoming totally riveted by this story. It’s dark, delightful and delicious with a dash of feels.'
Day 7: The Cover Contessa - interview and giveaway
'My family never have any idea what I’m writing from one book to the next. There have been times when I talked about how my day went, but  nobody paid any attention. So, over the years, I’ve just done my own thing. Sometimes, they’ll see one of my titles in a bookstore and express surprise that I wrote it.'
Day 8: Jenna Does Books - dream cast, review and giveaway
'Let me just lay it straight right here: You ain’t read nothin’ like this before in YA... The conclusion will have your jaw dropping to the floor faster than a cleaver slicing through a slab of venison…'

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