Monday, September 19, 2011

Oink: My Life With Mini-Pigs

This week sees publication of the hardback in the USA. It's also available as an ebook, and an unabridged audiobook (CD/Mp3), as read by Simon Vance (the voice of Stieg Larsson's novels). Check out a sample here.

To mark publication, Simon & Schuster USA are offering two free copies to American readers over on the Oinkminipigs Facebook page. All you have to do is take a look at a picture of Roxi and guess her weight (clue: aim high!). The winners will be announced on Friday.

Finally, my thanks to the Richmond Times-Dispatch for a lovely early review:

"Written with wry humor and accompanied by numerous photos, Oink at first appears to be a light read — and Whyman's nimble touch with language confirms that impression — but on a deeper level, its center falls as much on people as it does on pigs. Butch and Roxi may be the ostensible stars, but it's the six Whymans — and particularly Matt and Emma — who tug at the reader's heart while simultaneously eliciting chuckles and the occasional belly laugh … a moving salute to love, family and commitment."

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