Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Goldstrike USA review

The sequel to Icecore was published in paperback in the USA earlier this month. Thanks to for this great review:

Carl Hobbes is back in an even bigger, more fast-paced adventure. Basically 24 for teens, it's another book that should find a rabid audience with the same audience who made Anthony Horowitz and James Patterson's teen spy novels massive hits.
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shirleytemple83 said...

Just read this book and I LOVED it! I couldn't put it down! Thanks for writing a great book!

Matt Whyman said...

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

Shadow Blood said...

I just bought this book! But while taking off the protective cover I realized it's a sequel. Heh. Oh well, I'll have to track down Icecore before I read it!

I have to say the part of the descriptions that popped to me was the 'skilled hacker' part. I'm an author in the beginnings and am attempting to write a book around hackers myself. What better way to get inspiration and better ideas the reading books with the same subjects?