Friday, September 03, 2010

Oink! My Life With Minipigs

Following today's press release from Hodder & Stoughton, featured in The Bookseller , here are details of my first work of non-fiction for adults.

Oink! My Life with Minipigs is published in hardback, February 2011:

What happens when a man wonders aloud if a pig would make a good pet? A great deal – once his wife discovers a kind the size of a handbag.

Matt Whyman is a writer and house husband. He enjoys the quiet life. His career wife, Emma, prefers the chaos a big brood can bring. On top of four challenging children, one freaked-out feline, a wolf-like dog and a wild bunch of ex-battery chickens, she brings minipigs Butch and Roxi into the fold.

But can the new arrivals really cuddle up on the sofa, or will their growing presence spark a battle of hearts, snouts and minds?

Funny, touching and entertaining, Oink! charts the trials and errors of one man and his menagerie. With help and advice from a seasoned local smallholder, Matt sets out to master the art of managing minipigs – inside the house and out. Then someone suggests breeding minipiglets, and Matt’s understanding of marriage is tested in the most unexpected ways…

The jacket is in the final stages. It's a riot, and as far removed from the guns, explosions and boys with tattooed wings that you'd expect to see on the cover of my books. I'll post it up as soon as the powers that be have signed it off. For now, here is a picture of the mighty Butch with his sister, Roxi - one of a host featured in the book.

Edit - actually, I'm not sure this picture does feature in the book. It's a bonus extra now.

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Melody said...

I've just spent a wonderful weekend reading your charming book. A delightful experience that had me laughing out loud.