Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goldstrike - latest USA reviews

I've just been sent reviews from America for teen hacker, Carl Hobbes' second adventure, Goldstrike.
"A suspense novel along the lines of Robert Ludlum, reminiscent of the latest Die Hard movie ... a welcome escape for current and future suspense fans. It will not stay on the shelf for long." VOYA

"This is definitely one fast-paced novel ... interesting, entertaining and action-packed ... Give this to students who are ready for an older Alex Rider or who enjoy thrillers"

Now, I would credit this last one, but the photocopy I've been sent is so iffy that I can't make out the title at the foot of the page. So, if reviewer Robin Henry from Texas is reading this a) Thanks - I got your back - and b) if you could let me know I'll gladly amend.

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