Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Coming up after the break

Things have been quiet on this blog for good reason.

Basically, I've been writing like a demon. So, I'd like to offer a preview of things to come.

Firstly, in October, I have a short story featured in a fine anthology of "counterfactual fiction". I had to look up what that meant, and hope I've understood it correctly. It's a kind of 'what if history had taken this turn of events' sort of thing. My story concerns the accidental destruction of the moon during the Cold War.

The Truth is Dead is edited by award-winning author Marcus Sedgwick. The contributors include: Philip Ardagh, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Anthony McGowan, Linda Newbery, Mal Peet, Marcus Sedgwick, Eleanor Updale, and me. Or should that be 'myself'? I never know.

Lazlo Strangolov has also been busy. Following his Carnegie-nominated tale of spooked chickens, Feather & Bone, his next novel, Tooth & Claw, will be published by Walker Books in March 2011. It's a cross between Day of the Dead and Lassie Come Home.

Also, in a break from teen fiction, I've returned to Hodder adults (publisher of my first two novels, Man or Mouse & Columbia Road) for a memoir of sorts. It's been a huge, exciting challenge, to be published February 2011.

Hopefully, I can post more about it very soon.

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Can't wait to read it!