Sunday, May 02, 2010

words, music, pictures

Here is the cover artwork I created for the new EP by Planet Boelex, which is released today.

I've been a fan of this well-respected Finnish musician for some time. It's hugely atmospheric and cinematic electronica that creates the perfect writing environment for me. So, it was a thrill to be asked to devise and produce the artwork to accompany this new release - in the style of my photomontage work on display in my Flickr gallery.

Raja (pronounced like 'player') is Finnish, so I'm told, for boundary or limits. This was a project that certainly pushed me, and I recommend a listen to the EP. It's out on the Nordic netlabel, Softphase.

Best of all, being wildly generous, Planet Boelex has made all tracks free to download.

... I think we can all see why I was drawn to check out the artist in the first place.

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