Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Carl Hobbes thriller for 2009

teenage hacker ... whereabouts unknown ... enemy of the state:

Carl Hobbes may have escaped from Camp Twilight, but now he's being pursued by a ruthless bounty hunter in the pay of the US government, and an al-Qaeda assassin. Wanted dead by one and alive by the other, he must call upon his skills as a manipulator of both systems and people to survive.

With no second chances, can he play one enemy against the other in his bid to live another day?

Hiding out in the least likely place possible - a state-of-the-art cargo warehouse storing untold treasures - Carl's only hope is to harness the powers of Cleo, the super-computer who controls it. But Cleo is primed to unleash aggressive counter-measures at the first sign of intrusion. With the enemy at the door, can Carl get her on side in time?

Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
In bookshops: 01/06/09


Sadeq said...

Hi Matt. This is Sadeq from iBelong (from Saudi).

Sounds great. Though I must say that being in IT by profession makes a novel about a hacker the last thing I want to read, or is it?

Glad to see another book from my mentor (you don't mind me calling you that, right?).

I have a quick question and I just wanted your advice: should I finish a book before looking for an agent/publisher or are a synopsis and a couple chapters enough?

Happy New Year,

Matt Whyman said...

Hey Sadeq -good to hear from you. Hope all is well, and I'm really pleased to see you're still writing.

With regard to chapters I would keep writing until you feel you have enough work to give a full flavour of your novel. It's often best to write it in full, but really what matters is that you enjoy the process. Keep it up! Still gaming?

Sadeq said...

Thanks for the advice Matt. I was thinking the same but I also thought that if I could get a contract now then I might get motivated to write more. But I guess I should fully plan all five volumes of my story first.

And yes, I'm still gaming. Actually I probably spent too much time playing video games (and babysitting my niece) in the past few months since I lost my job. It's the same reason I don't write or blog much anymore. I really hit a big writer-block this time.

Don't worry about me though, things are starting to look better right now.