Friday, September 19, 2008

new story to be serialised in Puffin Post

The pre-launch edition of the all-new Puffin Post magazine will feature the first instalment of a box-fresh Matt Whyman story.

Tombstones takes us to the top of an ocean cliff face, and get deep inside the mind of a boy preparing to make the jump of his life.

Originally, I was asked to write just one chapter, and end it on a cliffhanger, which I did quite literally, in order for another writer to take over the baton.

So, in mischievous mood, I rendered the ending virtually impossible to continue. Then the Puffin team turned around and said they'd like me to write every instalment to the end. Uh oh.


S D Everington said...

Congrats, Matt! Sounds great.

I just finished reading The Wild btw and I thought it was awesome. The ending made me cry. It was a brave ending. A true ending. But oh so sad!

As a writer who bases my own fiction on stuff not so far removed from my real life, I am totally in awe of you. How on earth did you do the research for this book? I would really love to know.


Matt Whyman said...

Hi Shanta - good to hear from you. Hope all is well. I'm very fond of The Wild, even after Disney put out a film with the same title, so now everyone assumes it's a novel about a bunch of loveable runaway jungle animals.

As for research, I just like writing about what I don't know :o)