Monday, July 21, 2008

Lazlo online

Overnight, I have received an email from our man in the bunker ...

I hadn't heard from Lazlo Strangolov for a couple of weeks, which between us proved a bit of a break. Over the last year, I've had to work as a middleman between Lazlo himself, holed up in the forested mountains of Romania, and the good people at his UK publisher, Walker Books. I'm doing it because he's a childhood friend who has some issues with fresh air and socialising like a normal human being, but also because his forthcoming novel, Feather & Bone, is a tale of mystery and suspense like nothing you have read before.

The book is close to coming out in proof format - a limited edition for booksellers and the likes to read in advance of publication next March. I'm hoping when that happens Lazlo will accept that his skewed and creepy debut is in the public domain and quit hitting me with queries about the position of commas and the size of the lettering. He's a good guy at heart, but really needs to get out more.

So, when the email came in my heart sunk somewhat. I figured he'd had a crisis about whether the number of chapters should be odd or even. Instead, I opened it up to find only the name of a website. It looks to me like there's more to come, but as his appointed literary executor I thought I'd offer it up to you all sooner rather than later. This way, he's less likely to have a change of heart and take it down.

So, unless you have a serious chicken phobia, I ask you to point your browsers at:

Just be sure to come back afterwards. I have my own books to plug, after all.

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