Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hay Festival event

Adventures for Boys
Matt Whyman & Justin Richards
Wednesday 28th May, 11.30am, 9+
The Guardian Hay Festival

The two masters of action adventure discuss books, boys, computers and code with Jonathan Douglas.

Whyman's Inside the Cage sees a skilled young hacker subjected to an 'extraordinary rendition' and internment in an Arctic prison. The hero of Richard's The Chaos Code has to cross continents, decipher codes and explore ancient ruins in an exhausting bid to rescue his father, the eminent archaeologist, Dr Stribling.

Tickets: £3


Liz said...

Hi Matt

Good luck with the festival and the rest of it. You probably won't remember me but I met you a couple of times when I was managing the Brook helpline and working with Youthnet. Do you still do that? Anyway, I'm now having my own teen novel published so I've been having a look on other YA novelist blogs. Looks like all is going brilliantly for you. So pleased for you with the film! All the best, Shanta

Matt Whyman said...

Shanta? Liz? Shiz? Just who is posting here? Either way, hello! I certainly remember one of you. Looks like I'll find out more about the other in your novel. I'm going to lurk around in your blog now to find out when it's out ...

S D Everington said...

Oops, occupational hazard forgetting one's identity! Meant to post as myself not one of my characters...

This is me!