Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the dog ate my homework

I have good reason for reporting nothing lately. I've been locked away with my trusty white german shepherd, Sesi(posing here for my whizzy new camera) writing a new book. It's a follow up to Inside the Cage - to be titled Outside the Cage in the UK/as yet untitled in the USA.

It's nearly finished and I'm very, very excited by this one. It has, quite literally, been a blast to write. For those who read the first book, Carl Hobbes does not get an easy ride home.

Outside the Cage will be published by Simon & Schuster in 2009 - here and in the states.

I've also been helping another writer make it into print. If I had known how much time it would take up, however, I might have made my excuses. As kids, I was friends with the author in question until his family moved back to his native Romania. Annoyingly, having milked my publishing contacts and pestered me to make some introductions, he's landed a dream deal for a deeply creepy first novel guaranteed to put you off your chicken nuggets.

Feather & Bone will be published early next year. I'm in no position to say any more, but if you're reading this, Lazlo, you owe me.

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Anonymous said...

I'll look out for both :)