Monday, January 14, 2008

Street Runners: the inside story

On February 4th, my next novel is published in the UK.

Street Runners is the first in an urban fantasy trilogy set in London's sprawling, subterranean network of tunnels, tracks, vaults and lost waterways.

If this sounds familiar, it's because the book has been out before. In 2005, it was published as So Below. Having hit the shelves, it promptly came off again when my publisher decided to retool both the title and the jacket.

Sometimes these things happen. As a writer it's a pain, but I'm pleased it's back with books two and three queuing up close behind.


Sadeq said...

I hope this gets published in the U.S.

Blaster219 said...

I just picked up Street Runners from my local Waterstones. Burned through it in less than a day. Loved every minute of it. Got a real Modern-day Oliver Twist vibe in parts, especially with the use of the CCTV network by the kids.

Hope the sequel previewed at the end gets published someday.

Matt Whyman said...

Hey guys - thanks for your comments. Street Runners was originally published as So Below - the first of a trilogy. As I understand it, Simon & Schuster are set to publish all three as e-books very soon. I'll blog the details as and when I get them.

So, fire up your iPads, or get squinting and download to your phones.