Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Unzipped & unleashed

While I was away in the Middle East, Unzipped made it into UK bookstores. Published on August 2, it's a fully revised and updated edition of an advice book that came out several years ago under the name XY.

Top agony uncle Matt Whyman provides frank information on subjects of vital interest to teenage boys such as: puberty and private parts, sex and smoking, girls, mates and home life. He answers all the questions they're dying to ask, but daren't - and tells it straight with no judgement or spin.

"The facts for lads on sex, relationships and loads more." The Sun

"A non-sqeamish compendium of useful stuff." The Times

"An indispensable guide to love and sex. It will make a man of you." Mariella Frostrup

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