Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dutch award nomination

The Dutch edition of Boy Kills Man - Bloedbroeders - has been shortlisted for de Jonge Jury 2007.

The winner of this national award, voted for by 12-16 year old readers in the Netherlands, will be announced on April 17th.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Matt!
(I don’t know where to write to you, so I’ll do it here.)
Happy Easter!
I wish you lots of new ideas and self-confidence, because you must know that you are really extremely talented! I hope you’ll have enough inspiration to write as tastefully and impressively as you are doing now. Keep us fired up.

PS: I’m having my birthday on the 13th of April, so I’ got an inviolable right to make a wish. (I can only whisper it in your ear: I wish to see you as soon as possible! :)
Do come again!