Sunday, September 03, 2006

So Below - no show

Monday Sept 4 is supposed to see the publication of the second in my So Below series. At least, that's how Amazon have it listed. The fact is the books 2 and 3 has been put back while my publishers work on new, improved jackets.

Unfortunately, this didn't stop Amazon putting out an email last week inviting those who had previously bought my books from ordering a copy of the delayed title. I always like seeing my sales ranking go up. This time, I just feel bad. I have been told that the details are supposed to have been updated, but if you're here for info because your book hasn't shown up then I'm sorry. It's totally out of my hands.

It's frustrating for me because I finished the trilogy late last year. I'd just like to see all three books out there. It will happen, however, and as soon as the schedule firms up I'll post the details here.


Anonymous said...

This is very disappointing Matthew!

Hope the groovy new covers make up for it.

Anonymous said...

when will they be coming out?
i searched amazon and couldnt even find the advanced buy copies...

Anonymous said...

The second book is still not out!
Very disappointing considering the first book was such an intense novel, can we please know when it comes out because,(here i contradict myself)if it has then it is not for sale on any of the known book selling stores, e.g Amazon,, Thankyou.