Thursday, July 03, 2014

Boy Kills Man - 10th Anniversary edition

The Tenth Anniversary edition of Boy Kills Man is published in the UK today by Hot Key Books.

Bold, chilling and beautifully written . . . it really left an ache behind. Melvin Burgess 

Stunning... all that is left is a feeling of sadness and loss. A fine achievement.  The Independent 

A powerful, affecting novel about lost youth, and a sharp evocation of one boy's terrible passage from innocence to experience . . . a book we could all do with reading. The Guardian  

If, as the novel's opening sentence informs us, 'nothing is more unsettling in this world than a kid with a gun', then it must be conceded that Whyman presents, with a vision that at times is almost frightening in its focus, a narrative which demonstrates precisely how unsettling such a spectacle is. This is a tough, uncompromising - and very impressive - piece of writing.The Irish Times 

Excellent . .Sonny is a bit like Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas. It's a shock to realise that his relationship with Beatriz, the girl he might have loved, has been nothing more than a few shy words The Daily Telegraph 

Recently, I wrote for The Guardian about the place and role of uncompromising YA novels. The piece reflects on the novel's initial reception when first published in 2004.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Sunday 24th August

Western obsessions with food are the driving force behind new books by British authors, Matt Whyman and Natalie Young. American Savage has Whyman writing once more about an everyday family with rather exceptional problems (and expanding waistlines), while Young’s novel title might have you drooling in anticipation (or retching with fear): Season to Taste or How to Eat Your Husband.

Friday, June 06, 2014

The Savages USA Blog Tour

The blog tour kicks off today and runs throughout the week. You'll find the links here as they go live.

Day 1: Jean Book Nerd - interview and giveaway 
 "I had every intention of making Jack likeable, and then changed my mind from the moment he opened his mouth. So, it created an interesting character – someone who seemingly exists as a positive force in Sasha’s life, only to turn out to be a huge douche."
Day 2: The Bookie Monster
'The writing is terrific.  The plot is executed perfectly.  The characters, even minor characters, intermingle with one another flawlessly.  Overall this book was a fantastic read.  And there is a sequel – American Savage – that has made my summer must read list!'
Day 3: Books, Bones & Buffy  
'Reading The Savages might just make you hungry for a perfectly prepared steak, or it might turn you off meat altogether. Whichever side you fall on, I guarantee you’re going to have a blast. Highly recommended.'
Day 4: The Book Gazer - interview
"I’ve come to realise that I’m drawn to exploring why people do bad things for what they believe to be just reasons - from contemporary cannibalism to computer hacking. I want to understand, and even empathise, which can create an unsettling relationship between the character and the reader."
Day 5: Mother, Gamer, Writer - review and 5 Things About the Author
'One of my All-time favorite books! Did I LOVE LOVE LOVE this books? YES YES YES! I could not put The Savages down and often times found myself laughing out loud (sometimes too loudly) while I was reading. Anytime a novel can bring a smile to your face on every page you know it’s a masterpiece.'
Day 5: BookSuburbia - giveaway and  7 Favourite Books of the Year 
Includes Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick and The Arrival by Sean Tan.
Day 6: My Book Addiction 
'I can’t imagine anyone reading The Savages and not becoming totally riveted by this story. It’s dark, delightful and delicious with a dash of feels.'
Day 7: The Cover Contessa - interview and giveaway
'My family never have any idea what I’m writing from one book to the next. There have been times when I talked about how my day went, but  nobody paid any attention. So, over the years, I’ve just done my own thing. Sometimes, they’ll see one of my titles in a bookstore and express surprise that I wrote it.'
Day 8: Jenna Does Books - dream cast, review and giveaway
'Let me just lay it straight right here: You ain’t read nothin’ like this before in YA... The conclusion will have your jaw dropping to the floor faster than a cleaver slicing through a slab of venison…'

Thursday, June 05, 2014

New Novel

American Savage is published in the UK today by Hot Key Books.

Awesome... a mixture of macabre family tradition, romance, cover-up family business and American lifestyle… Sounds bizarre, but Matt Whyman makes it work. I really, really highly recommend both The Savages and American Savage, whether you’re more of a contemporary fan or a fan of the macabre. Matt Whyman’s writing is really memorable and I can’t wait to read even more from him! 
Books and Writers Jnr

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Boy Kills Man

Tenth Anniversary Edition to be published by Hot Key Books (7th July 2014)

Republished to mark its tenth anniversary, a bold, chilling thriller from the author of THE SAVAGES

On the streets of MedellĂ­n, Columbia, actions speak louder than words, and the rule of the bandidos is the only law worth listening to. Like most kids of their age, Shorty and Alberto work for their local cartel. They run cigarettes, offer protection . . . and occasionally assassinate someone.

The work is tough, and dangerous, but the boys are commanding respect like they've never known, and the money's pretty good too. But then one day Alberto disappears. And Shorty realises that he is never coming back. A gangster's life is cheap, and when revenge can be bought for only a few pesos, everyone has their price . . .

Praise for BOY KILLS MAN:
“Excellent.....Sonny is a bit like Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese's GOODFELLAS.” 
The Telegraph 

“...unputdownable and unforgettable” 
Time Out 
“Just occasionally a novel hits you with such force that it takes a while for what you've read to sink in. The storyline permeates your every pore, you think over and over again about the characters. BOY KILLS MAN is such a book.....A powerful novel, thought provoking and shocking.” 
The Birmingham Post 

The press release in full. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Savages - USA Blog Tour 2014

Courtesy of the kind and generous Jean Book Nerd, following a throwaway comment by me about needing a tour manager, The Savages will be embarking on a summer blog tour of the USA. 

Every day from June 6-15, you can look forward to easily-digestible interviews, top tens to chew on, reviews, guest posts, lively chats, tour bus parties* and cross-state cop chases**. Do join me as the family with an unusual taste in people meet America's best and brightest book bloggers. What could go wrong?

"Wickedly funny and mildly disturbing"
Publishers Weekly

June 6th Friday: Jean Book Nerd 

June 7th Saturday: The Bookie Monster 

June 8th Sunday: Books, Bones & Buffy

June 9th Monday: The Book Gazer

June 10th Tuesday: Mother/Gamer/Writer

June 11th Wednesday: Book Suburbia

June 12th Thursday: My Book Addiction 

June 13th Friday: The Cover Contessa 

June 14th Saturday: The Bookshelves

June 15th Sunday: Jenna Does Books

** never going to happen

Book Nerd Tours